Thursday, May 7, 2009


why crying is good?
  • It relieves you of your tensions
  • It manages stress
  • Form of communication. One can express one’s feelings through it
  • Conveys love for another person. It brings people closer. We cry for our loved one. A baby cries for its mother
  • Crying helps you get over a hurt. By crying, you forget the seriousness of the event
  • Crying indicates deep feelings. It can reflect anger or happiness
  • It releases frustrations
  • Crying is a safety valve to pent up emotions
  • You feel relaxed after a good cry
  • Crying cleans the eyes. Dirt is removed
  • It reduces blood pressure. Since your are relieved of stress, your blood pressure levels come down
  • Crying can also indicate some illness. When you are in pain you cry
  • Crying can express what words cannot

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