Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hope: What do you guys hope for? I hope that the Dodgers win. I
hope I do okay on the finals. I hope the teacher doesn^Òt catch me. You
may hope in a lot of things, I know I do, but God says to hope in Him.
Everything you go through, weather good or bad, you should put your hope
in God. He will see you through.
The bible mentions the word HOPE about 159 times. So I think He
was trying to get something across to us. And that^Òs to just hope in the
Even Now as we talk about the end times and the beast and the
anti-christ. This shows that we need to have hope as others may take the
mark or submit to satan.
This stuff that Pastor Matt is telling us the Battle of
Armageddon, 1000 years, final reign, It^Òs pretty confusing, at least to
me. God^Òs not telling us to memorize weather it^Òs gonna happen in 7
years or a millennium. You really don^Òt need to know exactly what^Òs
going to happen. Just believe, have faith, Hope in God through the times
where most people will lose this hope.
I guess what I^Òm trying to say is just to have HOPE. Daily I
hope for little unimportant things or Even major stuff. The name of our
church is New Hope. That we have a New Hope in Christ. As compared to an
old hope. Did we ever have an old hope? So anyways just hope in God in
every thing and He^Òll see you through it.

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