Monday, January 26, 2009

emo poem

Emo Poem: Heartbroken
When you both pattionatly kiss
Its something nothing in this world could perswade you to miss
When his lips touch yours soo soft and gentle
You realise without him you’d go phisically mental
When he holds your hand, you can feel his warmth inside you
You want to be with him foreva like a package you would always come as two
You love to lay ontop of him just to hear his heart beat
And you get that special feeling hes the best you will ever meet
Then a new girl moves to your school
You’ve watched him check her out you’ve watched him druel
You decide to warn her away make her back off
She looks at you gone out, smiles then walks off
It’s the night of the prom he never turns up
You decide to set off alone,he loves you dont give up
Hes stood at the back of the room stood with her
Hes gently stroking her like he did with you , softly stroking her like fur
You just stand and watch for a moment , so speechless and still
He was the only one who knew you had an empty space the one that he could only fill
Then a tear slowly trickled down your face
He finally saw you and walked overin an even slower pace
He said it was over , you tried your best to smile
As in the background she waslaughing meanwhile
You turned in despare and walked towards the back door
You looked back hoping he’d followed you, but he was there no more

By Rachel x

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