Sunday, January 4, 2009

emo make-up


The ten easy steps to achieve a perfect 'emo makeup' that will give boost your self confidence and you will start dating all the emo chicks from your once, guaranteed...Well, not really, but this is a good tutorial nevertheless.
Starts with laying out all the tools.

1.Moistureizer on a clean face, the moisturizer being MAC's Strobe Cream in this instance (the pot is just a sample, that I got. I think its time for a larger tube now).

2. Primer over the moisturizer (thick), many primers come in a small pot or something mine happens to come in a little tube that has a wand not that much unlike lip-gloss. This Urban Decay primer is the only non MAC product I use.

3.Base shadow, I used Nocturnelle with a 242 applicator brush. The shadow should go over the entire lid up to the crease.
Dark areas on the inner and outer areas of the lid. I used my 242 again with Signed and Sealed eye shadow.

4. Now the defining color in this case being Swish. Applied once more with the 242. The defining color should be applied in a sort of T shape going from the middle of the lid where there is just base up into the crease.

5. Now blend these two with a 217, so as to meld or smooth out the lines.

6. Now add the blending color with the 242 which in this case is Vapour. A very light, very sparkly pink. Each color starting with the defining color is begging to move up the eyes towards the brow. This blending color should be right below the brow.

7. Mascara. I like to do mine now so that I can work the liner into it later on. I like to apply mascara first from the bottom of the upper lashes at the base and then work on the top to plump the up. As for the bottom lashes just stick some on them, they 're a bugger to define. You 'll probably get a little here and there around your eyes, I like to use a Q-Tip with a bit of moistureizer on the tip to remove it after its dried.

8. Liner I like to use a liquid liner by MAC called Fluidline (Blacktrack) and a 266 brush to apply it. I like to apply it on my upper and and lower water lines or inner lid.

9. Any foundations or blushes. I used a blush that sslightly darker than my skin tone to define my jaw.

10. Done!

Hope you enjoyed our emo makeup tutorial.

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