Saturday, December 13, 2008


No matter how big your dream is you can still reach it even though it is beyond your

reach. You'll only make it if you are determine and participate in your dreams. Everyone

who follows and participate in their dream and really wants to succeed bad enough will

succeed. If someone didn't succeed, they must not have been determine enough, or they

didn't want to succeed bad enough. If they didn't succeed and they say that they worked

really hard and really wanted to succeed, they are being dishonest because everyone who

follows their dream and really wants to bad enough will succeed. Once you reach your

dream then go a little higher.

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Ria said...

very true! that's why there's this saying, "aim high." have a nice day!

oh, btw, i have a mini contest in my site. 3 days left to join before it ends...have fun!