Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Paperwork of Patriotism: Voter Registration Deadlines Approacheth

You arrange for your dream 30-day European cruise, then realize you didn't get your passport. Aunt Esmerelda hands over the keys to her Lamborgini Gallardo, then snatches it back when she finds out you didn't renew your driver's license.

Bureaucracy may be a pain, but you need proper registration to step beyond borders, drive a car, or express your preference for the next leader of the United States of America ... and the first batch of state voter registration deadlines comes this weekend.

Record voter registration levels have been, well, registering across the nation, and naturally the political enthusiasm has infected the online citizenry: Lookups on how to register were at their highest January, the start of the primary season, then swelled again in August. September lookups have been very low, so either every eligible voter has signed up, or some people need the reminder of an impending deadline.

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